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Microsoft announced the launch of Bing English Search, powered by intelligent technology inChinaat the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen , with the new version of the search service to be available in web page, mobile, and app formats.


Harry Shum, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence and Research group, says, China is a major source of global innovation, and the need for a more accurate and meaningful English search engine for Chinese academia, scholars, and researchers is becoming more essential.


"Combined with Bing’s well-proven strength in English-language search results and Microsoft’s latest AI capabilities, Bing English Search is sharper and more intelligent creating completely new and meaningful search experiences,” Harry said.

Released for public preview in August, Bing English Search quickly grew to capture 25.6% of the English search queries in China.


Besides offering Chinese users an improved English-language search experience with world-wide search base and Knowledge Graphs, Bing English Search also provides an open API to third-party Chinese search engines like 360, UC ShenMa and Sogou, the 2nd largest Chinese search engine which debuted on the New York Stock Exchange recently, to help them provide better English search results to their users.


EY recently released its 17th Global Capital Confidence Barometer (CCB). It was shown in the report that increase in deal-making in 2017 continues to propel the global mergers and acquisition activities (MAs).


According to the survey, Chinese investors have continued to show high demand for MAs. In 2018, China will remain the top destination to look for MA opportunities by the majority of Chinese enterprises.


The CCB finds that with China and the US remaining positive, all the major engines of growth in the global economy are now synchronized in an upward trajectory for the first time since the end of the global financial crisis.


Erica Su, EY Greater China Transaction Advisory Services Managing Partner says, “Such positive factors as low interest rates, surplus cash reserves, a full deal pipeline and record PE dry powder, are likely to propel MA activities during the coming months.”


She points out that, “In the next 12 months, six major sectors are most likely to become top sectors in terms of MAs by Chinese enterprises: automotive and transportation, financial services, technology, consumer products and retail, life sciences and mining and metals.”


Honeywell has unveiled new Connected Aircraft software updates for its GoDirect Cabin Connectivity suite of services, giving operators and ground crew better visibility into data use through real-time updates, sophisticated data traffic management tools, consultation services and additional billing options.


Services offered via GoDirect Access, GoDirect Filter, GoDirect Data Control and GoDirect Network can generate savings of up to $100,000 per year, per aircraft.

霍尼韦尔航空航天集团互联服务高级总监John Peterson说:“旅客希望在飞行中保持互联的需求越来越强烈,但传统手段很难实现可靠、优质和性价比高的互联服务。”

“Passengers are increasingly demanding that they stay connected throughout their flight, but reliable, premium and affordable service has traditionally been hard to come by. said John Peterson, senior director, Connectivity Services.”


With Honeywell’s GoDirect Cabin Connectivity, business jet owners and operators can access a variety of services to easily manage and control their satellite communications and connectivity network from an online portal or mobile device.


Honeywell is the first to offer business jet passengers specific control of data flow and credit card and voucher billing for each personal device through its expanded GoDirect Cabin Connectivity suite of services.

美国FDA近日宣布批准Foundation Medicine的FoundationOne CDx。这是首款具有突破性认定的基于二代测序的体外诊断检测产品,能对任何实体肿瘤进行诊断,寻找324个基因内的遗传突变,以及两类基因组特征。

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the FoundationOne CDx (F1CDx), the first breakthrough-designated, next generation sequencing (NGS)-based in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test that can detect genetic mutations in 324 genes and two genomic signatures in any solid tumor type.

美国FDA局长Scott Gottlieb提出,利用两大加速创新技术问世的政策,能为患者更快带来突破性的诊断方法,帮助医生制定癌症治疗方案,改善治疗结局,且有望降低医疗成本。

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., says, by leveraging two policy efforts aimed at expediting access to promising new technologies, have been able to bring patients faster access to a breakthrough diagnostic that can help doctors tailor cancer treatments to improve medical outcomes and potentially reduce health care costs.

美国生物科技公司foundation Medicine基因检测是世界知名癌症基因检测分析公司。2015年,罗氏控股美国基因数据公司Foundation Medicine,利用其创新基因测序方法,检测肿瘤患者的驱动基因突变,有效地帮助临床肿瘤专家为癌症患者寻求更多治疗的可能性。

In 2015, Roche entered a broad strategic collaboration with Foundation Medicine, a leader in the field of molecular information in oncology, and began to use the latter’s innovative genomic sequencing technology to accurately detect the oncogenic mutations in different patients and more effectively help oncologists find highly-targeted therapies for cancer patients.


The F1CDx is a more extensive test that provides information on a number of different genetic mutations that may help in the clinical management of patients with cancer.

美国FDA医疗设备和放射健康中心Jeffrey Shuren提出:“医生无需频繁侵入式获取样本来决定接受某一治疗方案或入组某一临床研究的机会,通过一次F1CDx的检测,患者和医生就能获得更多信息来做医疗决策。”

“The F1CDx can help cancer patients and their health care professionals make more informed care decisions without the often invasive process of extracting tumor samples multiple times to determine eligibility for a single treatment or enrollment in a clinical trial,” said Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).